Household items that can be also used for Beauty Purposes


Admit it or not, beauty products are expensive. It’ll be hard for an average earner to buy everything. Sometimes, you can buy two or three items but it is still not enough. What you don’t know is that you could save thousands just by looking at items in your own home. Your house is full of products that you didn’t realize will help you save tons. Aside from being inexpensive, these products could also be availed easily.
Here are some of them:

• Rubber bands
Rubber bands are a great help for opening nail polish bottles and hard-to-open jars. Just wrap it around the cap for an easier grip.

• Refrigerator
Aside from keeping our food fresh, refrigerators can also help in our day to day beauty routine. Keep eye creams, toners, and astringent in the refrigerator because the cooling effect it gives helps in the de-puffing of the eyes, as well as the skin.

• Tea Bags
Worried about some razor bumps and burns? Tea bags will help you soothe the pain and help it heal faster. Just wet a tea bag and put it on the damaged area.

• Vodka
If you have problems with your razor, vodka is there to help. Vodka cleanses the razor and makes it even sharper for a long period of time. All you need to do is soak the razor in the vodka. Spraying vodka mixed with water also helps in getting rid of lingering perfume smells in your clothes.

• Band Aids
Sick of plain old manicures and pedicures? Band aids can help! Use some to put some polka dots in your nail polish. This will make others think that you’ve done your nails very well even if you did some simple cheating.

• Mouthwash
If you’re having trouble with a pimple, you can put a small amount of mouthwash to it and its size will be reduced overnight and will heal faster.

• Toothpaste
Just add a few drops of lemon juice with toothpaste can be used to whiten yellow nails. This is a very good bleaching agent.

• Mason Jars
These popular jars cannot only be used for the popular DIY Projects nowadays but could also help in organizing make up sets. Arrange your make up according to its purpose and put them in different mason jars. These organizers would be appealing to the eyes and would be helpful, especially since they are clear.

• Honey
Honey’s sweetness doesn’t stop with its taste; it is also very helpful when it comes to our beauty needs. It unclogs pores and helps clarify skin. Just put a thin layer on the face, wait for 30 minutes, while waiting, you can watch a movie or read a good book,then rinse it off with water.

• Toothbrush
Bad hair day? Toothbrush might be the answer to your problem. Apply little amount of hair spray on a toothbrush then use it to style your hair or tame those nasty flyaways.

• Petroleum Jelly
Dab a touch of Vaseline on the areas you sprayed some perfume on. The petroleum jelly holds on to scents and prevents evaporation.

• Glue
Before painting the nails, put on some glue around it. Then after painting, jut peel of the dried glue and voila! Perfect and neat nails!

• Matches
The rough strip in a matchbook can also be used as a nail file.

• Green tea
Green tea has many helpful effects on the body like acting as a detoxifying agent, helping relieve headaches, aids in weight loss and many more but it can also be used as a scrub. Just mix in sugar, coconut oil, green tea bags and powder. The scrub will make the skin more moisturize and soft.

So search your bathroom and kitchen racks now! Maybe your beauty products are just sitting there waiting for you!