How to Create a Quick Cat’s Eye Look


The eyes can speak volumes even if it could not be heard audibly. They can project a certain type of mystery, which can add to a person’s allure. For women and even male artists especially, the eyes can be further enhanced to provide an intense type of beauty, which could entice others to take not just one glance, but a second and even more. The winged eyeliner is one such way of enhancing the eyelids, and the eyes as a whole. So, how do you achieve this look?

Prepare materials
Before you get started with your beauty project, you must first know if you have all of the materials that are required to finish it. You will need your trusty eyeliner pencil, a good liquid liner, Scotch or clear tape, makeup remover, and some cotton buds or Q tips. Set them on a surface where you can easily grab them, especially if you are doing the winged eye look on yourself.

Find its limits
Then, take your eyeliner pencil and set it at a slanted angle against the corner of your eye so that it acts as a sort of extension of your eyelashes. This way, you will see just up to where you will be drawing your winged eye look. You may want to make some adjustments if you happen to have more hooded eyes. To make them pop up more, you may have to extend up and outward.

Add the guide
If you want to create a more physical limit, place some clear tape on the areas that you have marked earlier with your eyeliner pencil. This way, your strokes won’t stray from the area you want your cat’s eye to emerge.

Create the outline
After you have found your limits, you can create the outline with your eyeliner pencil. You can start with more tentative strokes while you are still perfecting the outline. Then, as you are able to find the right size and look, you can darken the strokes with the same eyeliner pencil.

Fill in with pencil
Fill in the outline with the same eyeliner pencil. This is the easy part. You are just basically “coloring” within the lines as you would in a color book using your handy crayons. Make sure that the shade is consistent throughout the filled in areas.

Trace with liquid liner
While the eyeliner pencil has managed to create a winged look, your eyes will really achieve the intense cat’s eye look if you create a sleek finish with a liquid liner. Using a brand that you have tested not to run, trace the penciled areas with your liquid liner. There are also other options out there that could shorten the process for you: liquid liner pens. Liquid liner pens may be able to apply the outline without the eyeliner pencil step if you are brave enough or if you are in a hurry.

Clean up
While you have made the necessary precautions by using clear tape and perhaps starting off with eyeliner pencil before you traced with your liquid liner, there may be some areas that will still need cleaning up. Using cotton swabs or buds wet with makeup remover, you can correct some of the areas or erase the smudges that you have created while putting on the winged eye look.

Observe and finish
Take a look at your masterpiece. See if there are still smudges to remove or lines to be added. You can further enhance your eyes by adding dark eye shadow. In most case, the winged look can already stand powerfully on its own if done right. A neutral lip can help balance the look.