How to Look Gorgeous without Makeup

happy-girl-234305If you happen to browse through social media lately then you would know just how aware people are now about the importance of makeup. YouTube and photo tutorials online show that features can change radically with the effective use of a full makeup. Because of this latest development, women are now being challenged to show their bare faces. Men and women alike are calling a fully made face as an inaccurate representation of beauty. Debates are raging online on a woman’s rights to use cosmetics versus the revelation of true beauty through the bare face.

We do know just how difficult it can be to pull off being gorgeous without slathering ourselves with makeup nowadays. The magazines have already handed us with standards that are almost impossible to live up to. We are not saying that it is wrong to use any product. However, our skin can really benefit from going bare from time to time without us having to go out with a paper bag covering our faces. So, how do we look gorgeous even without a hint of makeup? Here are the usual, proven tips:

Cleanse and exfoliate
Wash your face using a product that is designed to get rid of daily dirt. Do this twice a day, when getting ready in the morning and when getting ready to sleep at night. Open your pores with cool water and tap your face to dry. Don’t rub. Use an exfoliating scrub, such as granular sugar scrub, for your face and body to help remove dead skin cells every day.

Protect your skin
Use a toner and a moisturizer to help keep your complexion smooth and your skin soft. The toner, which is often largely neglected, takes care of the skin tightening and cleansing of pores. It also gets rid of excess facial oil.

When going out in the sun, use a sunscreen to protect not just your face but the rest of your body from UV rays. This will prevent you from getting early wrinkles as much as you possibly can, at least beyond your genetics.

Drink lots of water every day. If you are going out in hot weather then make sure to bring a bottle of water with you. It will prevent dehydration, which is bad for the overall health and is also bad for the skin in particular. You will get your daily dose of water from pure water itself, fat free and calorie free, but you can get hydrated with juices and soups as well. Stay away from carbonated drinks. You may also bring along a facial water spray that could help keep your face smooth, especially if you are on a road trip or on a long commute.

Focus on getting rid of blemishes
While exfoliating can help prevent some blemishes, some may have still formed due to various practices that you have before. It may simply be a case of hormones. However, with the presence of blemishes, you do need some product to disguise them. See a dermatologist if the blemishes are more serious.

Use a bronzer
If you are a late pale then you might need a little bronzer to help perk up your look. Exercise can also help provide a more natural glow.

Eat and drink wisely
Lay off on alcoholic beverages to avoid developing a tummy, and a tired look. Substitute water with lemon slices for tea or coffee to detoxify. Eating healthy can also help you give off a glow of health.

Sleep well
While life can get tough and busy in the twenty-first century, it is still important to be able to get at least seven hours of sleep. A refreshed look is a good look.

So, are you planning on going a naturel this summer? The gorgeous bare face look is achievable.