How to Maintain Perfect Nails


Perfect nails may be defined differently by different persons. Some may love seeing their nails freshly and beautifully polished every time, while others opt for a more natural look. Others go beyond this by having nail extensions applied to their natural nails. What is consistent, however, is the need for your nails to remain healthy in order for them to look attractive. Here are some regular practices that you may follow. You can skip or add some steps depending on the specific look you are going for.

Clean your nails regularly
This is a no-brainer. Clean your hands using proper hand washing practices, which include having you rub your fingertips on the palms of your hand. You may also use a nail brush to clean your nails with mild soap. Make sure you dry your nails after washing them, to avoid infection and prevent nails from splitting from prolonged exposure to water.

Moisturize your hands with a cream
After washing, moisturize using a hand cream. Make sure that you linger on the nails, massaging the cream onto the area. This is not just an add-on service provided by nail technicians. The hand massaging is simply done to help the moisture seep in, although nobody would ever mind the massage itself.

File or cut your nails as preferred
Then, file or cut your nails as you desire. Some people, who desire longer nails, would rather file their nails to straighten the edges. Others, who prefer shorter nails, may want to cut them regularly, choosing round or square shape, whatever is possible or preferred.

Paint nails with preferred color
Pick your desired color and apply the nail polish on your nails. You may first use a base to decrease the staining effect. A nail hardener can also help in maintaining strong nails. If you are the sort of person who is always in a hurry you could apply a quick dry solution or use an electric nail dryer before making a move on. You don’t want your hard work to be easily wasted.

Remove polish weekly
While nail polish certainly makes your hands more attractive, you do need to make sure you remove the polish every week. It is up to you whether to apply a new coat or color, or to simply give your nails a break.

Use cuticle cream
Cuticle cream can help soften the cuticles and make it easy to remove them. Some women prefer having their cuticles removed, while others are okay with a simple clean and add polish routine.

Give nails a break from polish
From time to time, give your nails a break from polish. Use acetone-free nail polish remover to avoid the harsh chemical from destroying your nails. The breather between nail polish helps in avoiding yellowish stains from developing.

Go to licensed nail technicians
There are expensive and cheap nail technicians. However, do not just go to a technician just because he or she offers cheap services. Make sure that the nail technician is licensed and that sterilized tools will be used. To save money, you may even decide to use your own tools and products and clean, prep and polish your own nails.

See dermatologist immediately for problems
Whether or not you have been following a healthy nail routine, immediately visit your local dermatologist if you notice something off about your nails. If you notice swelling, bleeding, thickening and/or changes in shape and color, consult your dermatologist. Don’t think that these problems will automatically go away on their own. Get them checked and treated.

Perfect nails may have varying definitions, but everyone could start off from the same place – with healthy nails.