How To Naturally Reduce Bags Under Your Eyes

Dark and discoloured skin under your eyes is a common issue that many people face on a daily basis and getting rid of them or making them less visible has become a big mission. Dark circles under the eyes generally form because they are either hereditary, due to aging, dry skin or long hours in front of the computer. Although dark circles do not pose any true health issues or affect your health in a negative way, they can make you look tired, unhealthy and older than you actually are. Here are a few tricks to ridding those dark circles.

Almond Oil


Almond oil is a perfect, natural and organic ingredient that will help reduce dark circles around your eye and is gentle around the delicate skin that is around your eye. Regular use of almond oil will aid in fading dark circles under your eyes. Prior to going to bed, apply a small dime sized amount of almond oil all over your dark circles and gently massage it into your skin. Leave it on overnight and rinse off with cold water in the morning. Do this regime daily and you will notice your circles disappear.