How to Wash Your Hair Effectively

Beautiful Brunette Girl. Healthy Long HairIt can be frustrating to sample various hair products and still not be able to achieve the lustrous hair boasted by television ads. While you may not be able to completely recreate a celebrity’s look because you do not have stylists at your beck and call, there is a way to at least get closer to that gorgeous but nearly effortless hair that you want, and that is by washing your hair effectively.

Rinse your hair thoroughly first
Maybe you are doing it all wrong, applying your latest scented shampoo on your dry hair before going under the shower. Instead of doing this, you should be rinsing your hair with water thoroughly first. Use a warm rinse to open the cuticles of your hair, in the process releasing trapped dirt. The opening of the cuticles also preps it for conditioning.

Condition long hair before shampooing
If you have long hair that goes past the shoulders, you may need to condition before you apply shampoo. The conditioner is better absorbed now that you have already rinsed your hair. It will help smoothen and strengthen your long hair at the same time, preventing damage if it has not yet set in or healing fragile and damage parts of your hair. Apply more conditioner from the midpoint of your hair to the tips. The natural oils of the hair are concentrated by the scalp. So, there really is no need to condition near the scalp.

Use product designed for your hair type
Before applying shampoo or conditioner, however, make sure that you have products that are especially designed for your hair type. For example, there are various selections of shampoos that are made for dry hair. There are also those that have been designed for colored hair, oily hair, and more. Pick matching shampoos and conditioners.

Lather up at the scalp
When it is time for you to shampoo, only linger on the areas that cover your scalp. Remember that the lower portions of your hair had been saturated in conditioner. Do not rinse right away. Do massage the shampoo on your hair, ensuring that the product has been spread all over.

No need to repeat
While most shampoos and conditioners instruct you to rinse and repeat, there is really no need to do this. After shampooing, rinse and then squeeze out excess water. Apply conditioner. If you had long hair then you might be doing this a second time around. This time though, you had to keep the conditioner on your scalp for longer. The more time you give it on your hair, the better it will be absorbed. Still, there is no need to rinse and then repeat the whole process over again. Anyway, too much shampoo may end up removing most of the natural oils that you need for healthy, lustrous hair anyway.

Wash as often as your hair requires
Hair does not necessarily have to be washed every day, unless you have oily hair. Oils can trap dirt more quickly, and you will then need to wash more often. If you have dry hair, however, then you can manage with just washing your hair three times a week. This does not have to be followed strictly if you are constantly exposed to dirt and pollution. On a regular week, though, you need to wait for your hair to produce its natural oils and create a sleek look for your dry hair.

Don’t rub and brush while wait
After washing your hair the right way, you should also ensure that you do not damage it by rubbing it with a towel or combing while it is still wet. Be gentle on your hair. Now that you know the proper way of washing it, you should discover other ways of protecting it to unleash its maximum potential sans professional stylist.