Say No to Bad Hair Day!

Bad hair day

Bad Hair Day? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Your crowning glory is the first thing that someone notices in you. So if your hair looks clean and neat, everyone would think that your whole appearance is fresh and sassy. Hair is always an important factor for your whole look so if you want to have a healthy, shiny and beautiful hair, here are some hair tips that you need to try on.

1. Focus on the ends.
Put conditioner on the bottom end of the hair. Our scalp already produces natural oil so putting on so much conditioner will just make your hair look greasy.

2. Massage the scalp
Massage your scalp every morning for five minutes. This will not only relax you but will also help you grow your hair faster.

Tip: You can ask your husband/boyfriend to do this for you.

3. Bobby Pins
Bobby pins are a great help for the ladies but there’s a secret for a better grip. Place the bobby pins in a towel or tissue then lightly put on hairspray to them. After that, allow them to dry before putting them to your hair. Aside from that, use bobby pins the right way. The wrinkled part should be the one inside your hair.

4. Switch to silk/satin pillow case
Replace your cotton pillow case with silk or satin ones. Cottons cause damage to the hair. Cotton results into split ends, and bed head. It’s better to use silk or satin since we sleep on it everynight. Plus, it is also beneficial to the skin.

5. Do not use blowdryer
Just let your hair air dry.

6. Iron or curl only on special occasions
Do not iron or curl your hair when wet. This will make your hair dry and will cause split ends. Do this only on special occasions.

7. Use wide toothed comb
Use a wide toothed comb. This will easily and safely remove tangles from your hair. Use this especially when your hair is wet.

8. Have a hair cut when needed.
Have a hair cut when you have split ends. Having a haircut is not mandatory as long as you have healthy hair but it would be different if you have split ends. If not trimmed, this split ends would continue to split.

9. Let your hair down
If possible, please also avoid pulling your hair back in a pony tail. Aside from it getting messy when undone, this would also make your hair vulnerable to breakage. Also, never use rubber bands to your hair.

10. Avoid chemicals
As much as possible, avoid over the counter shampoo and conditioner. Use natural ones instead. You can use ingredients like baking soda or coconut oil.

11. Take supplements
Take biotin or fish oil supplements. This will help your hair be stronger. Aside from that, it also makes your skin and nails healthier.

12. Be ready for beaches
Coat your hair with conditioner before going into the beach or swimming pool. Dampen it as well with water to prevent it from drying out in the sun

13. Protect your hair
If you are protecting your eyes with sun glasses and your skin with long clothes against the sun, you should also protect your hair. Wear a hat when sitting out in the sun or use a good SPF spray.

14. Dry before going to sleep
Make sure that your hair is dry before going to sleep. Water can’t evaporate since you are in direct contact with a pillow so it gets oilier.

15. Eat healthy
Eat foods like salmon, yellow peppers, oysters, eggs, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, avocados and almonds. This will help make your hair healthier and help it grow faster too.