Shy Underarms No More


For most people, the armpits are that part of the body they are most embarrassed about. Why? Because it is not taken care of properly and sometimes, even completely neglected.

This delicate part of the body doesn’t get much attention – at least not as much as the hair, skin and the face. This results into darker and unmanaged underarms. This is also the reason why other ladies are afraid to wear sleeveless tops or tubes.

But no need to worry! This article is dedicated to that sensitive part of your body. Here’s how to take care of it, the right way.

Hair Removal
There are three ways to remove the hair in the underarms. These are waxing, shaving and laser treatment. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Waxing
This one can really be painful. Most girls don’t like to wax since it causes bleeding if you do it wrong. However, it’s highly effective. If you are a brave soul, you can do it by yourself. You can buy over-the-counter underarm hair removing wax sets or search the internet for natural wax. If you’re a bit nervous, you can ask a professional to help you. A friend can also help you do this, just be prepared for her laugh afterwards if you started screaming.

2. Shaving
This is the easiest of the three ways. But you should make sure that you have a sharp razor in order to remove the hair properly. Exfoliate the underarm area first then use a conditioning shave cream. Remember that your hair grows in various directions so you also need to shave accordingly.

3. Laser Treatment
The last way is the laser treatment. This is popular because the results can be little to no hair for good, but this is a bit costly. Make sure that the professional who will do this treatment to you have received good reviews so that you won’t regret it in the end.

This is usually the problem of many girls out there that’s why they resort to avoiding sleeveless shirts, tank tops or tubes. But here are the tips to a lighter underarm skin.

1. Natural Remedies

  • There are so many household items that can act as bleaching agents. They could help achieve a lighter underarm. Potatoes, cucumber, lemon and egg oil are helpful in eliminating dark skin.
  • Don’t forget to moisturize everyday. This is important to prevent the dark spots. Use aloe vera or lecithin as moisturizers.
  • Exfoliating is also essential in order to keep the dead skins away from the underarm. You can exfoliate with the help of sugar, baking soda, orange, and pumice stone.
  • Milk, vinegar and coconut oil are also good for lightening.
  • If possible, avoid shaving and just try waxing.
  • Skip deodorants. The strong chemicals in deodorants cause dark pigmentation in the underarm area.

2. Medical Remedies
Consult with your doctor about it. He would probably detect what the real problem is and help you address the issue. The doctor might give you medication or simple tips on how to improve your underarm condition.

Two words. B.O. Of course no girl wants to be called stinky or anything like that. You always want to feel and smell fresh. Here are some tips on how to smell great.

1. Keep your clothes clean and dry
2. Always shower and keep your body clean
3. Invest in a good deodorant

Use anti perspirant deodorants that are not harsh to the skin. If your underarms don’t get sweaty at all (there are people with theno-sinky-armpit gene), it might be alright not to use deodorant since this could darken the skin.

4. Apply deodorant 10 minutes after shaving

This will avoid the rashes and irritation.

Now you’re ready to bare that smooth, radiant and shining underarm of yours! Just make sure that you won’t forget these tips so that your underarms wouldn’t be neglected again!