The Best Shower Routine


Taking a bath is the first step in prepping up for the day. Whether you will be going to the office or to the beach, it is always the first thing you must do in order to feel fresh. Each person has a different style on how they wash their hair and body, some takes just three minutes while others take an hour to shower. You do it every day yet you forgot that it is still one of the most important parts of your beauty routine. So lady, below is the shower routine that you should follow In order to achieve that gorgeous hair and healthy skin.

Step #1: Brush
The first steps are always crucial. Removing the tangles before taking a shower is a good way to prevent breakage. This is because hair is more brittle and vulnerable when wet. Brush the hair slowly from the ends towards the roots. This can be done while waiting for your water to warm up. Warm water is gentle on the skin.

Step #2: Rinse
The next step is to rinse your hair thoroughly. This is important in order to remove dirt from the hair. Patience should be exercise. Rinse the hair for 10 to 20 seconds so that it would be ready for the next steps.

Step #3: Shampoo
The third one is putting some shampoo in the hair. This step should take half to one minute so that the hair would be really cleaned. First, put a small amount in the hand and gently massage the head using back and forth motion. The fragile ends should not be scrubbed but the nape of the neck is an important part. This should be given attention since this part can collect the most oil. After lathering, squeeze out the excess shampoo down the hair then rinse. The hair should be free from studs and bubbles before jumping in to the next step.

Step #4: Condition
This next step is to condition the hair. Take note that it is essential to condition the hair after cleansing it with shampoo. Squeeze out the excess water from the hair and put a small amount of conditioner into the hand. After that, apply it to the ends. Don’t put conditioner in the roots because this will make the hair look greasy for the rest of the day. Wash the hair after a few minutes so that it would absorb the nutrients from the conditioner.

*Note: It is better to use natural shampoo and conditioner. You can make homemade shower essentials or buy something that is organic and doesn’t contain too much chemical.

Step #5: Cleanse
The fifth step is cleansing the body. It is important to remember to clean the hair first before the body. The reason is that conditioner left in the back results to breakouts. Non-soap hydrating cleanser is beneficial to the skin. Thoroughly cleanse the body. Aside from that, exfoliate once in a while.

Step#6: Shave
Shaving is one of the last things on the list. Scrub before shaving so that there are no ingrown hairs. Always use sharp and clean razor. Keep it in a dry place so that it will not rust.

Step#6: Face
The last step would be ofcourse, washing the face. Just wash it with luke warm water to protect the delicate skin and rinse with cool water to seal the hair cuticle and leave your face perfectly relaxed. You can use facial foams or better, natural facial wash.

Bonus: After shower tips
After shower, do not rub the towel in the body. This can worsen dry and sensitive skin. Just pat the towel in the skin gently. Don’t forget to moisturize your body from head to toe so that it won’t dry off. Since the pores are open after a steamy shower, put on some serum and oil. Lastly, Put on a leave-in conditioner in your hair by using a wide toothed comb. This will make your hair shine and manageable around the day.

So from now on, do not neglect shower. Take a bath every day to feel clean and fresh. Aside from that, think of bathing as one of the most important step of your routine in order to look more gorgeous!